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1. Project forwarding
  • Development of transport projects
  • Analysis of transport drawings
  • Design and manufacture of specialized rigging
  • Modeling of placing cargoes on sea, river, road and railway transport
  • Route choice
  • Choice of a specialized road, marine, river and railway transport
  • Choice of specialized equipment for handling operations
  • Harmonization of project documentation in the supervising authorities (Sea Register, River Register, Department of special transportations of railway transport, Road Committee etc.)
  • Management of project cargoes transportations
2. Multimodal transportations by all modes of transport in Russia and around the world
  • Break-bulk around the world
  • Liner services in Europe and Russia
  • River transportations in Europe, Russia and CIS countries
  • Road transportations, including transportations of oversized and heavy-lift cargoes in Europe, Russia and CIS countries
  • Railway transportations of oversized cargoes, using a multi articulated transporters with carrying capacity up to 500 to in Europe, Russia and CIS countries
3. Engineering
  • Assembling and disassembling of cargoes in the customer's premises
  • Design and construction of temporary berths with involvement of licensed contractors
  • Design and strengthening of bridges using modern carbon materials to increase carrying capacity of bridge
  • Design and construction of temporary diversion road and railway routes, involving licensed institutions
  • Preparation of technical opinions of various expert organizations
4. Customs clearance of cargoes, including receipt of classification decisions in the Federal Customs Service
  • Preparation of documents for customs clearance and release of cargoes in free use in Russian Federation
  • Preparation of documents for classification decisions in FCS
5. Cargo insurance
  • Cargo insurance against all risks in the best insurance companies
6. Survey
  • Organization of survey during loading, unloading and reloading of cargoes
  • Photo and video reports
7. Forwarding in the Sea port of St. Petersburg
  • Execution of customs transit declaration
  • Organization of customs security by transportation of cargoes under the customs regime on the territory of Russian Federation
  • Organization of cargoes customs clearance (procedure «Import-40»)
  • Handling operations, storage, survey at the port of St. Petersburg
  • Organization of lashing and unlashing of cargoes
  • Coordination and sending to the Sea port of St. Petersburg of sea, river, road and railway transport
8. Foreign-economic activities consultations
  • Preparation of external economic contracts in accordance with laws of Customs Union
  • Lawyers consultations
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