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Transportation of 4 Pairs-heaters 31.07.2013 19:41

Specialists of “Vneshtranslogistik-Project” organized the complex delivery of 4 Pairs-heaters.
4 Pairs-heaters weighing more than 50 tons each and of more than 4 meters width were delivered from the Czech Republic by road to the German port.
Then by sea ferry to the port of St. Petersburg, where the internal customs transit on cargo was made.
Then 4 Pairs-heaters were sent by road under the customs regime to the recipient in Cherepovets.

Transportation of oversized equipment for the chemical industry  31.07.2013 19:40

By “Vneshtranslogistik-Project” was successfully performed transportation of oversized and heavy equipment for one of the largest companies in the market of mineral fertilizers in Russia.
Heat exchanger weighing 41 tons with components was delivered from Czech Republic through the port Saint Petersburg to Permskiy Krai.

Transportation of oversized vehicles 31.07.2013 19:39

The project of transportation of oversized equipment was performed.
“Vneshtranslogistik-Project” organized transportation of oversized bus to the airport from the port Saint Petersburg.

Delivery of transformers from Germany 30.06.2013 19:39

Specialists of “Vneshtranslogistik-Project” organized a complex delivery of transformer equipment, produced by the company Starkstrom Geratebau GmbH.
The disassembled transformers in the amount of 6 units were delivered from Germany to the construction site, Shcherbinka, the Moscow region.

Transportation of oversized equipment  30.06.2013 19:38

The project of transportation of oversized equipment was performed.
Hydraulic cylinder weighing 51 tons was delivered from Italy to Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region at the address of JSC "Vyksa metallurgical plant".

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